Most frequent questions and answers

We submit claims directly to your medical aid and charge medical aid rates for Medical Aid Patients and Private Rates for private patients. Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees invoiced up until your Medical Aid settles the bill. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Day-to-Day funds are sufficient as payment will be deducted from this by your scheme.

We also accept debit card, credit card payments.

Appointments are generally 30min-45min in certain cases appointments are 60min long, all of this depends on the nature of the consultation

Yes, you may also book your appointment online

No, we treat professional athletes as well as the general population, we manage any musculoskeletal condition from head to toe within our scopes of practice.

if you have been referred by another healthcare practitioner please bring any of the following documents:
Referral letter
Imaging (X-ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc)
List of all current medication

If you are performing a fitness assessment please bring along comfortable clothing for the assessment (gym clothes)

Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to ensure you have sufficient time to complete the necessary documentation or to get changed into appropriate clothing for the assessment. This will ensure we are is able to spend maximal time with you to conduct all the necessary assessments

Since your appointment is time especially reserved for you. If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify the practice 8 hours prior. This will enable us to allocate the slot to someone who has been waiting for an appointment or is on a waiting list . If you don’t let us know 8 hours prior to the appointment you will be charged in full. Appointments may only be cancelled by calling reception any appointments that have been booked for any slot before 11:30am may only be cancelled the day before by calling reception

Yes you are more than welcome to make use of the shower/change room facilities at the practice to change into comfortable clothing that you can move around in and also to freshen up after the consultation

Both Biokinetics and Physiotherapy are concerned with the rehabilitation of injury or diseases. But to answer this here is an example
An athlete sprains an ankle during their sporting activity, the initial treatment with physiotherapist would assess the extent of the injury, control pain and swelling, restore normal movement around the joint and initiate rehabilitation following this rehabilitation would then be continued with a biokineticist who would assess the ankle for problem areas and prescribes an individualised program to address these issues. This prevents injury re-occurrence or different injuries due to compensation for the injury.