High Performance Zone

At Mkhwane SS Biokineticists we can help get your performance to the next level with our cutting edge scientific analysis modalities. We will scientifically analyse your performance and provide in depth analysis to help get to the next level. Some of the High performance solutions we provide include:

Runners Zone

We provide runners of all levels and distances with sound scientific analysis and guidance that will help them achieve optimal results.

Services available for runners include:

–  Runners specific fitness tests

–  Individualized periodization of training

–   Running Injury Prevention

–   Running Injury Rehabilitation

–   Video Running Assessment

–   Biomechanical analysis 

–   Post race recovery


Weekend Warrior Zone

Taking part in various codes and becoming a weekend warrior comes with its own set of issues. Weather you take part in mountain biking, crossfit, triathalons, duathalons or obstacle challenges we can help optimize your performance.

We offer the following

–  High performance Fitness Assessment

–  Biomechanical Analysis

–  Injury Prevention

– Injury Rehabilitation

–  Video Analysis