How do I prevent back Pain?

Back pain is something that affects a lot of adults and children due to a host of reasons. There are some staggering statistics about how many people are affected by back pain and more specifically chronic back pain which impacts their activities of daily living. Sitting, standing for prolonged periods, sleeping, driving as well as lifting and carrying object can results in a great deal of discomfort. However , there are a few modifications one can do to prevent or ease back pain.


When you have to sit at home or work make sure you sit on a firm, straight chair, sitting as far back into the chair as possible so as to avoid slouching, your feet must be flat on the floor, most importantly try to get up frequently and avoid sitting for long periods of time.


Some tasks require you to stand for an extended time so if you must stand for extended periods of time shift your body weight from one foot to another. You can also perform toe flexion and extension inside your shoes. With regards to your posture try keeping your chin up with the shoulders back whilst avoiding arching the back


It goes without saying that you should aim to sleep on a comfortable mattress. Sleep on your side with a pillow placed between your legs. Should you opt to sleep supine place a pillow under the knees. Also avoid sleeping extended overhead.


When driving move your car seat forward so that the knees are level with the hips so that you don’t have to reach for the pedals.
If your left foot is not working the pedals place it flat on the floor.
Lastly keep the back of the seat in a nearly upright position to avoid slouching


When lifting objects place the objects close to the body
Bend your knees and not the waist while keeping the back upright
It is also important to tighten the abdominal muscles and inhale when lifting the object and exhale during lifting.
To carry a heavy object, hold the object close to the body at waist level. Lastly carry the object in towards the middle of the body not to one side.

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