The scope of Biokinetics is quite broad and at Mkhwane SS Biokineticists we practice the scope of Biokinetics in its entirety , we focus on  Sports Injury prevention and Final Phase Injury rehabilitation,Neurological and Cardiac Rehabilitation as well as various Health and Fitness checks

We enjoy close working relationships with other health professionals to ensure the patient is treated holistically.

With the initial assessment you can expect an in depth analysis that includes; Full  medical history, Pain assessment, functional movement tests, muscular strength, imbalances and instability, flexibility, neuromuscular co-ordination and proprioception, functional and sport movement, Feedback on your current musculo-skeletal status.

We also make use of video analysis tools where necessary to gather valuable, objective  information and further assess movement as well as postural correction.

Injury Prevention and Injury rehabilitation

We offer specialized functional tests for muscle strength, muscle exhaustion and range of motion of joints by means of the assessment of torque, muscle and work ratios. We apply these tests to treat recurring injuries as well as prevent them from reoccurring


If an injury has already occurred we provide Individualised rehabilitation of the back, neck, knee, shoulder, hip and ankle injuries and conditions. Treatment may be offered in the final phase of the injury up to and including full participation in sport or other physical activities of life.  Our treatment may include

Chronic conditions management

Individuals who have had various cardiac events need to manage these conditions under close supervision. We are equipped to work with these individuals who have conditions that classify them as high risk such as

Certain neurological and chronic conditions also require the intervention of a Biokineticist to help manage them. We regularly prescribe scientific exercise programs for people that suffer from conditions such as


Biokineticists are trained to help to reduce the risk of injuries by identifying your strengths and weaknesses and apply specific principles of exercise to increase your ability to perform

How we can help

Whether you are a professional athlete or just a weekend warrior you can benefit from scientific intervention to not only improve your performance but also avoid unnecessary injuries such as overuse and repetitive stress injury problems like Runner’s knee, ITB, Tennis elbow/Golfers elbow, Tendinosis etc. 

We regularly assist


we are committed to working towards your wellness to help you achieve and maintain your optimum health. We help manage your health risk factors that can be detrimental to your health by offering screenings to monitor your blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides body composition as well as lung function.

you may also do your fitness assessment or health check for your medical aid rewards program at our practice. Some of the assessments that are available are