When I run my back gets sore

Many runners develop muscle tightness which tend to affect running postures and technique. One of the common issues which arise is lower back pain. But how can runners manage back pain?

Firsts things first properly fitting shoes that provide maximum shock absorption and are suitable for your foot type are very important. Then make sure you gradually increase your distance, intensity and duration. Avoid over striding to limit leg shock meaning you will have to play close attention to your posture. Make sure you avoid forward leaning and side swaying.

When you do have pain, avoid hill work, running on uneven terrain and running on concrete.

A lot of runners don’t like hearing this but , strength training and core stability should be included in your routine. This should also include flexibility training in your routine targeting the hips, knees, ankles and trunk.

Your Biokineticist can do a comprehensive assessment to find out what is causing your lower back pain when running.

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